Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  1. E-Commerce

E-commerce business ideas in Halifax, Nova Scotia

5 Plans:     A) Investment B) Delivery of goods C) Manpower D) Continuous promotion E) Quality of service

To start e-commerce business continuous investment is required as like goods to store, promotion, manpower &, variable costs and many more costs are there. Excellent website and mobile Apps build up are primary step of it as small business ideas in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Goods storage in all cities and make sure various transports to deliver them to consumers by timeline is challenging. Setup manpower in every place to deliver goods by time and monitor the services quality. You might believe that many e-commerce sites already in market doing business from long years so, where is your space to do busines! “Out of sight out of mind” use this proverb and keep promotion by online and offline. Facebook, Twitter, email, leaflet, memberships discount office, seasonal office, deliver goods at free of cost and many more ideas must apply to promote businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Keep monitor quality of services by a team to random check up from A-Z.

2. Car Wash and Repair

Car Wash Business ideas and plan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hire technical staff who is expert to solve any issue of cars. Location of car wash shop in prime area is not required rather low rental area is the best choice. Now, who will visit your shop as many other carwash shops are there from long time! Let people know that you are new but better than any others comparing services and prices. Promote your shop in Halifax, NS area and give a big eye catchy discount offer. Make sure environment clear and dirty free always and roads are convenient too to enter your carwash shop. You might buy basic machines and instruments to ensure services solving issues of cars. Keep good relationship with all customers and hire relationship officer to do this job.

3. Property Buy, Sale and Rent

Property buy, sale, rent business ideas and plan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

Let, you need a house or flat to rent as present house is smaller size or high in price. Or, someone is coming from other cities to Halifax to live alone or along with family. Now, who will visit Halifax physically and search to-let door to door! Rather, he/ she will search in Google to have look online rent offer with price and sizes. Let, instead of paying rental cost buying a house or flat by bank loan is smart choice as loan installment is equal of rental cost. Build excellent user-friendly website and mobile Apps and allow others to post of buy, sale and rent house are like virtual open market. How others will know that your virtual market is open for all! Keep promote in online and offline within territory is excellent business ideas & opportunity in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

4. Sea Fish

Sea Fish Business ideas and plan  in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sea sight lighted up beauty of Halifax and fishing is good business ideas to start there. People who are not living in sea area and even sea beach is far from their city can realize the beauty and advantages of living is seas area. Sea fish export, dry and sale, cook and sale and many ways can do business by sea fishes in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

5. Cleaning service

Cleaning service business idaes and opportunities in Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), Canada

Never neglect being starting up cleaning business as new entrepreneurs in NS. Your target markets are residence building, offices & big shops where cleaning team member can work for certain time upon contract once get an order of job as cleaning service provider. Pick and drop your staffs by company’s vehicle to ensure better professional service and train them as regular basis. Let all staffs use your brand T-Shirts while work. If you need low budget manpower can import from Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and so on. 

6. Baby Care

Halifax, NS, Canada Baby Care Business Ideas  & Opportunities

As parents are busy in office so someone must take care of baby on behalf of parent. You can allow parents to have look when need over CC camera how their babies are taking care by baby care center. Take some videos, promote them, and request parents to recommend of your services are smart business ideas. Feeding, games facilities, learning tips, exercise, sleeping, listening stories, health checkup and clean the areas where babies have access, let them pay with toys and many more ways might keep babies busy with happy time. Let parents tense free from taking care of his/ her babies. Caretaker must act as real mom of babies, love them and work to develop their brain with good manner is profitable business ideas in Halifax, NS forever.

7. Tea and Coffee

Tea & Coffee business ideas & Plan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Who unlike to have hot tea and coffee at morning and evening! Your shop (movable and fixed shop) must be locating near residence, commercial & beach area & way of main road. Open your shop regularly whether sale goes on or not to ensure and bring trust that you are available 7/24 or certain time. No matter the sale but you are there for customers. Make sure car parking facilities near of the shop.

8. Technical Service

Technical service business ideas & Opportunity in Halifax, Nova Scotia, NS, Ca

This is one of the best business ideas as technical guys have demand in market all the time. Air condition problem, electric lights, Freeze, room heater, oven, washing machine are not working now, you must call technician who can help. Build mobile Apps and promote in Halifax, Nova Scotia area as you are providing technician service to solve issues, immediately. Be serious as like you are waiting for a call from customer to send a technician.

9. Travel & Tourism Business

Travel & Tourism business ideas & Plan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax is being beautiful city and capital of Nova Scotia (NS), tourists like to visit and enjoy the attractive places. Tourists might visit from other cities who needs facilities of transport, living, tour guide and attractive tour package. All tourists like to enjoy holidays within budget and hope maximum benefits.

10. Games for children

Kids game business ideas & Plan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

You might be busy in offices 5 days in weekly but how your kids are growing up! Let they are busy in school time in 5 days weekly. All kids like to play, and parents become happy when kids enjoy. Build kids zone with multiple types of gaming instruments, physical exercise, skill development and simultaneously let parents do something to enjoy the times with. New, innovative & profitable business ideas and plan in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Business Tips: Good business policy is not like open and shut. Every professional has own manner so, business has its own strategy and manner as its nature. We recommend, make 3-5 years business plan, and utilize each year with perfect plan. Investment plan in 1-2 years is 40%, 3-4 years 30% and 30% at stage of 5 years and it might be bit changes as situation. Never hope a good return within 6 months and one year as of establishing any business needs 5 years’ time. You must sustain in market till then and look back each after 6 months how your business is developing and apply more plans if needs. 

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