Top 10 small business ideas in Nigeria

The federal republic of Nigeria is an African nation situated at the gulf of Guinea. The country is well reputed for its diverse landscape and wildlife reserves. Many expats might have a concept that this African nation is no bigger than its wilderness and nature. Very little they know that, new small business ideas in Nigeria are popping out every now and then. 

Currently, scopes are much narrower as the world is in Pandemic crisis. Nevertheless, some trades are still thriving and is showing impressive prospects in Nigeria. Even few of the new business opportunities to register a company in Nigeria have appeared in the scenario during this Corona pandemic. So, what some of the top business ideas in Nigeria are?

In this piece of content, we brought you the answer of this very inquiry. We have arranged 10 best small to mid size business ideas in Nigeria that entrepreneurs can easily engage in when in Nigeria. So, without any more delay let’s get into it.

Top 10 small entrepreneurship ideas in Nigeria

  1. Liquid soap manufacturing business
  2. Organic farming
  3.  poultry farming business
  4. Web design and development company
  5. Food delivery service
  6. Content marketing business
  7. Freelance graphic designer
  8. Bakery shop
  9. Transport business
  10. Solar equipment manufacturing and repairing business

Liquid soap manufacturing business

This has already been a lucrative business in Nigeria and the domestic demand was always high for liquid soap. This demand has increased multiple folds during worldwide pandemic. Now the demand is not confined within Nigeria only but is crossing international borders. Although the competition is high for this sector, but if you can get hold of this sector in Nigeria, a long prospective business career will be waiting for you.

Organic vegetable farming

Next comes the organic vegetable farm. Especially tomato farming has a high rate of profit in Nigeria. Many entrepreneurs nowadays are giving focus on organic farming. It has a growing demand in the nation. If you have prior vegetable farming knowledge and experience, we recommend you to try this business in Nigeria. 

Poultry farming business

Similar to the vegetable farming, protein demand is always at the pick in national and international market. Whether its eggs, or chicken meat, restaurants, meat shops, bakeries in this country rely hugely in poultry fields. Therefore, if you can start one, the poultry business can eventually give you a good fortune in Nigeria.

Web design and Development Company

Covid-19 pandemic amazingly boost this sector of business worldwide. Nigeria is of no difference. Turn out that web design and development has a huge call in Nigeria as well. Many businesses in Nigeria are going online, as a result custom business websites are of huge demand here. If you have relevant skill and come up with professional websites for your clients, you can easily catch this business and earn good money in Nigeria. 

Food delivery service

Next in the row of top 10 small business plans in Nigeria is the food delivery service; especially fast food like Pizza. This is a rapid growing business in Nigeria. As the economy is slowly improving in this African nation, the luxury and convenient demands are also growing up. With this list comes the food delivery service. More people like to order their food from restaurant to their door step. This is where food delivery service comes in. If you are looking for a wise business idea in Nigeria, we strongly suggest you to go for this food delivery business plan. 

Content marketing business

It is basically an online based business. For this business you have to be a skillful as well as creative wordsmith. You must know how the art of writing to get full benefit from this business in Nigeria. You can easily start as a freelance content writer and take orders from many marketing agencies working at national and international level. If you can come up with quality contents, you can easily earn a good fortune from content marketing sector in Nigeria.

Freelance graphic designer

This is very much similar to the content marketing business. The only difference is that instead of content, you need to have deep knowledge on graphic designing and photo editing. Digital marketing sectors have huge demand for a skillful graphic designer. If you think you got proficiency in Photoshop, illustrator etc. software, you must come upfront as a freelance graphic designer in this nation.

Bakery shop

Are you ready to delight your customer’s taste buds with your testy cake and pastry products? If the answer is yes, than start a bakery shop in Nigeria. Cake and pastry products are of huge demands in the nation, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other celebration, bakery products are of huge demands here. All you just have to ensure is quality, taste and consumer satisfaction if you want to succeed in Bakery business here.

Transport business

House and commercial shifting is no more a hassle in modern Nigeria. People here can effort transport services for shifting their household items or business furniture from one place to another. This pursued the growth of transport business in this country. It is a lucrative commercial field where upon good service you can earn a great fortune in less time. If you have sufficient capital and have past experience in this business, we advise you to think about this business in Nigeria.

Solar equipment retailing and repairing business

Last but not least in the list of top 10 small business ideas in Nigeria is the solar equipment retailing and repairing business. A big chunk of Nigerian households relies on solar energy to meet their household electricity demand. It is cost efficient and eco friendly. However scheduled maintenance and repairing is necessary to prolong the usage of solar equipments. This calls for a business in Nigeria. You can think about starting a business where you can retail solar equipments and accessories as well as provide repairing and maintenance services.


What are best businesses in Nigeria?

Best businesses in Nigeria are:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Water purifying and manufacturing
  • Furniture production and selling
  • Hotel and resort business
  • Liquid soap manufacturing
  • Digital marketing
  • Eateries and juice bars

What business can I start with minimum budget?

Following are the business you can start with very low investments:

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Freelance graphic designing service
  • Information selling business
  • Electronic and mobile repairing service

You can find more of similar business scopes in Nigeria where less money but more skills in relevant fields are required.

What are 3 of the fastest growing business in Nigeria?

Top 3 fastest growing businesses in Nigeria are:

  1. Poultry farming
  2. Fish farming (Especially catfish farming)
  3. ICT business

What are the highest demand items in Nigeria?

Following are the items which top all other regular commercially demanding items in Nigeria:

  • Data and information
  • Water
  • Food
  • Liquid soap
  • Cooking gas
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Solar electric equipment
  • Mobile and computer accessories
  • House building materials
  • Cosmetics items

After choosing your business, you may read this article for business registration in Nigeria.


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