Top 10 Small business ideas in Ottawa, Canada

Top 10 Small business ideas in Ottawa, Canada

When considering top 10 business ideas in Ottawa, Canada, an investor have to be aware about the current business condition of this country. The recent business market took quite a turn during COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Canada is amongst the nations where health precautions were taken seriously from the very beginning. The result is now obvious. Nationwide investors are coming out healthy and fit enough to involve themselves again with the mainstream corporate world.

With that positive trend on board, today we have brought to you some of the top small entrepreneurship ideas in Ottawa, Canada. If you are residing in Ottawa or in nearby places and currently wondering where to invest your money, this article might be the answer for all your queries:

The list of top 10 small business ideas in Ottawa, Canada is:

  1. House cleaning and maintenance service
  2. Waste management and recycling business
  3. Electronic repairing service
  4. Bicycle repairing business
  5. Product delivery service
  6. Business incorporation advisory service
  7. Professional content writing agency
  8. Health and fitness center
  9. Website development company
  10. Massage therapist service

Top small entrepreneurship ideas in Ottawa, Canada

Now as we know the list, let’s see in brief details what each of this business propositions offer to you especially in Ottawa, Canada.

Commercial cleaning service

People got more hygiene conscience ever since the Covid-19 struck the earth. With that so, commercial cleaning service, got the first rank of the top 10 small business ideas in Canada in this list. The aim of this business is to conduct cleaning services at domestic and commercial level in Ottawa.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to set a small venture on Ottawa, the cleaning business can take you to a long way. However, you need to have proper tools, skilled work heads and off course proper authorization and capital to start this particular business here.  

Waste management and recycling business

Canada has a long reputation of being a nation that is environment oriented. Waste management and recycling is one way the nation shows their contributions towards Mother Nature. Waste management and recycling business is always a prospective business in Canada. 

This can be an initiation you can start that can help the nature, community as well as turn out to be productive at the same time. Furthermore, if your business actually benefits the nature and national economy, you can expect lots of compensations and regulatory exemptions for your business.

Electronic repairing service

If you are skilled with electronic repairing and maintenance you have a good opportunity here in Ottawa, Canada. Electronic repairing service can be one of the enticing business proposals in the list of top 10 lists.

However, you need to meet some pre requisitions, such as; you must have proper knowledge, experience and skills in this particular field. Your service quality and punctuality can only lead you to success in this business. So, if you know how to fix electronics, now you know your scope in Ottawa.

Bicycle repairing business

As mentioned earlier, people here are health conscience. It’s common you to see plenty of cyclists here is Ottawa. Naturally, this calls for bicycle repairing business. If you have already decided to start one here, you might face many competitions from already existing services.

Nevertheless, if you can come up with superior quality service, than this business in Ottawa is all yours. We can assure you that your quality service can pull your business status to a whole new level in Canada.

Product delivery service

Another prospective small business idea in Ottawa, Canada can be product delivery service. The aim here is to ensure on-time product delivery from sender to receiver. The products are mostly food items, but it can range from grocery to commercial products from domestic vendors in Canada.

For this business to run in Ottawa, you need to have sufficient employees who are efficient in delivery services. Proper networking with various businesses and shops in the area you want to work in and finally sufficient vehicle support such as bicycle, delivery van etc.

Business incorporation advisory service

In Ottawa, business setup advisors on various entrepreneurship campaigns are in high demands. Ottawa, the capital of Canada is considered one of the commercial hubs of the nation. Here the calls for professional business incorporation advisors are always at its peak.

If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for a small business opportunity in Ottawa, Canada, this might be it. All you need to have are proper authorizations and approval licenses and relevant professional expertise to run your own business incorporation advisory service here.

Professional content writing agency

As the name suggests, the task in this small business idea in Ottawa, Canada is to write quality professional contents for various businesses. This might sound easy but for such business to get corporate reputation in competitive market, your agency need to have employees who are efficient and compatible.

Your staffs should be fluent regarding content planning, writing, editing, proof reading, copy writing and many more. The key to succeed in this field in Ottawa, Canada is to solely focus on client’s demands and provided guidelines for writing up any contents for them.

Health and fitness center

Health and fitness consciousness seem to take a big leap during the pandemic. People are reconsidering about fitness classes and health sessions. As an entrepreneur, you can find a fair scope of business in this sector. Especially in Ottawa, Canada, you can incorporate a health and fitness center.

All it demands is prior ideas and sufficient capital on this business. During the crisis period when social distancing is a norm, you can conduct online health and fitness sessions which get high appreciations from clients.

Website Development Company

Website Development Company seems to have high demands in current market scenario. The need for dedicated business website is an absolute necessity for any company; more businesses are now aware of the fact that company website is the only getaway to catch wider waves of clients worldwide.

So, if you are experienced with developing quality websites for clients and thinking of starting a small business, you should try to build up a team of experts in relevant field and start your own website development firm in Ottawa.   

Massage therapist service

This is one of the small business ideas in Ottawa, Canada where you don’t necessarily require a heavy financial statement for the initiation. However, you have to obtain professional certificate from authorized training center to be a valid massage therapist first.

You like to run legal massage therapy center in Ottawa, Canada, so proper licensing and aware of authoritarian regulations are compulsory. Here you can either open your commercial outlet in your home or can provide on demand home services to clients places.


What are best companies I can work in Ottawa, Canada?

5 best businesses in Ottawa you can work for are:

  • HubSpot.
  • SurveyMonkey Canada Inc.
  • Trend Micro Canada Technologies Inc.
  • Statistics Canada
  • University of Ottawa.

What are the main industries in Ottawa in 2020?

Prime industries that run in Ottawa in 2020 are:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Construction and Manufacturing

What is the climate in Ottawa?

Ottawa offers long warm summer which ranges in between 80-88°F. Sometime you can encounter cloudy weather. However, the capital city has a freezing winter which often drops below 6°F.

What are the top companies in Ottawa?

Top companies in Ottawa are:

  • The Ottawa Hospital
  • University of Ottawa
  • Cisco Systems
  • Algonquin College
  • Nokia. 4.2
  • City of Ottawa
  • Carleton University

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