Top 10 small business ideas in Pakistan

New investors in Pakistan often inquire about top business plans in this country. To keep clients' inquiries in mind, we have listed out and discussed the top 10 small business ideas in Pakistan.

Keeping in mind the current pandemic, many companies are seeing a major downfall in Pakistan. However, business plans which we'll be discussing here have possibilities to thrive, even in this critical scenario. Here is the list of the top 10 business ideas in Pakistan:

  1. Health care equipments manufacturing and supply
  2. E-commerce business
  3. Product delivery service
  4. Software development firm
  5. Digital marketing firm
  6. Online tutoring service
  7. Virtual assistant
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Commercial cleaning service
  10. Green energy and solar equipment production business

Now as we know the list of top business opportunities in Pakistan, let’s dig deep into each of these business ideas.

1. Health care equipment’s manufacturing and supply

When the world is infested with Covid-19 virus, one business that keeps other corporate ventures into shame is the health care equipment’s manufacturing and supply business. Products like protective mask, disinfectants, or any other relevant products have huge demands at present time. So, if you want to start a small business in Pakistan that has well prospective, than we recommend you to take a deep thought about this business.

2. E-commerce business

Social activities are pretty much restricted during this Corona pandemic. People tend to come out from their house less and only for emergencies. This is the right time to establish an e-commerce business. Although in Pakistan, several E-commerce businesses are already running, so, it is common for you to face competitions at the beginning. But if your business can gain trust and goodwill as well as better services, this business can give you a secure corporate career in Pakistan.

3. Product delivery service

Product delivery service comes along with the e-commerce business. The deliverable product can range from merchant items from vendors to food items. Most people in Pakistan are concerned about community spread out of virus and prefer to stay at home. In this condition, deliveries of daily household requirements are mostly done by deliverymen. In summary, if you are a new investor, you should consider starting a product delivery service in Pakistan.

4. Software development firm

One unexpected business field that is thriving during pandemic worldwide is the software development business. The global lockdown taught us to work from home and conduct office from the home. However, the demands of office security software, and business management and assistant software went to a high demand.

When this is the case, Software development firms often come to the rescue.  You can easily start a software development business in Pakistan if you have prior knowledge and can able to come up with quality products.

5. Digital marketing firm

Next, in the top 10 small business ideas in Pakistan comes the digital marketing firm. When most current businesses went online, you can expect major marketing strategies are running on internet as well. Digital marketing is seeing a major boost during this current global crisis. As more and more businesses are going online, in Pakistan, this business has big scope to flourish.

6. Online tutoring service in local language

Basically you have to teach academic or skilled based subjects to students through online platform in native language. You can either publish pre-recorded video tutorials or can teach students on live streams.

There is no major investment required for this business. All it needs is your expertise in particular subject and proper teaching experiences. As the youths have cravings to build professional skills, this online tutoring business in Pakistan should flourish in a very short time.

7. Virtual assistant service

When assistant in person is pretty impossible to maintain in pandemic where it is compulsory to maintain social distancing, virtual assistant can fill up the commercial gap. The work is all the same but it has to be done entirely online.

Even the assistant will be hired through online and the recruited assistant will work on the other side of the internet as virtual assistant. When managing office from home is turning out to be a common factor, so is the virtual assistant too. So, starting a virtual assistant service can be an innovative business initiation that can give you a whole lot of responds in Pakistan.

8. Pharmacy

When most businesses are either shutting down or going through crisis, Pharmacy business seems to be running at higher pace even during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s right, not only in Pakistan but all over the world, Pharmacy business seems to be booming.

People in Pakistan are consciences about their health, so demand for regular medications are obviously at high demands. This is where pharmacy business is shinning bright. So, all it need is enough capital, ensuring product quality and superior customer services. If these are available in your pharmacy business, this business is all yours.

9. Commercial cleaning service

One good way to prevent virus spread out in community is to keep the community clean. Commercial cleaning service in Pakistan comes with this sentence in mind. The responds in commercial cleaning business is very good in Pakistan in recent months.

The demand against service is still very less. So, if you can come up with bigger and better commercial cleaning business in Pakistan, the possibility of you to reach a new commercial height in less time is very much possible.

10. Green energy equipment supply business

The last one in the list of top 10 business ideas in Pakistan is the green energy equipments supply business. Equipments like solar panels, cells and relevant components are in rising demands in Pakistan. You can channel your business in supplying quality eco-friendly technologies and relevant components.

Nowadays, even the government policies are towards green technologies and eco friendly projects in the country. Moreover, here the competitions are still low, so, you can easily catch up with this business in Pakistan.

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