Trade in China - Year-long export & import report

From the year 1995 China trade has been active globally. China’s trade plays a significant role in the global trade system. Most of the products used around the world are Chinese products. Chinese products are used every day in every household. They are known to do business for products which are useful for everyday use and they are also known to sell cheap. The total of China Trade comes around $280.9 billion which is 3% of global trade. Later the trade increased up to $4.1 trillion which is 12.4 percent of global trade.

Top traders of china:

Countries Percentage of imports Percentage of exports
China 10.93% 13.81%
USA 14.28% 9.43%
Germany 6.92% 8.83%

The figure shows that the figure of China exports is much higher than the imports in China. Total Exports is $2.26 trillion and the Total Imports is $1.84 trillion. In the global trading system, China has a lot of connections with other countries and they also provide services to other countries. But the country which they have a close connection is the USA. As seen in chart USA is secured in the global ranking and thus, the 2 countries have a close relationship.

China Export

China Export is the largest export in the whole world. It is ranked 33rd has the most complex economy in the world. Globally China products are known to be part of the trading business among most of the other country products. China Exports have several products to contribute to the world. The demand of their products is continuously increasing due to which they have increase in their product value.

China Exports produce good products where people all around the world uses their products. But their services are not very well known globally. As per the recent data, China Exports are shown as the top export function and there are several countries who prefer to trade from China.

In a recent report, the turnover of China Export is $2.41T which shows positive results in the trade. The GDP of China is $12.2T and the GDP per capita is $16.8k. These numbers are an outline sketch of the Chinese Export.

Top china export products:

China export products Total revenue
Electrical machinery equipment US$ 664.4 billion
Machinery with computers US$ 430 billion
Furniture, bedding, lightning, signs and prefab buildings US$ 96.4 billion
Plastics and plastic articles US$ 80.1 billion
Vehicles US$ 75.1 billion
Knit clothing and other accessories US$ 73.5 billion

Top china export destinations:

China export destinations Total revenue
United States US$ 476 billion
Hong Kong US$ 255 billion
Japan US$ 157 billion
Germany US$ 109 billion
South Korea US$ 98.1 billion

China Imports

China is the 2nd largest Importer in the world. For the past 5 years, the rate of China Import has been continuously increasing. The annual increase rate of China is 1.3% and the trade as per the recent record is around $1.54T which results in a positive trade balance of $873B.

Top china imports products:

China import products Total revenue
Integrated Circuits $207 Billion
Crude Petroleum $144 Billion
Iron Ore $59 Billion
Cars $46.8 Billion
Gold $40.3 Billion

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Top china imports destinations:

China import destinations Total revenue
South Korea $149 Billion
Japan $136 Billion
United States $133 Billion
Germany $95 Billion
Other Asian countries $151 Billion

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