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The U.S embassy in Thailand is a diplomatic mission in Thailand which as lot of sections in it. It totally has 8 types of visa options for the U.S people. Their ultimate goal of this embassy is to protect the U.S citizens who are living in Thailand. They also use this mission to spread their policies within the country. This embassy promotes Americans economy, commercial interest, trading, agriculture and industrial goods and services. This shows that the embassy is providing more opportunities to the locals. The government participates in Thailand share value promotions, law, human rights and democracy.

The Visas Provided By The US Embassy Thailand Are As Follows:

The Visas Provided By The Us Embassy Thailand


This is a US type of visa taken by an American who wants to get married to a Thailand person. This visa is also called as fiancé visa. This visa is taken by an American for their fiance/ fiancée so that they can settle down with them in the states. Applying for the K1 visa and taking their Thai partner to the states is the best option. It is also known that among all the US visas, K1 visa is to be an easier option to apply. While applying a Thai partner’s K1 visa the submission of passport from the visa will take over 4-6 months with the Siam-Legal. During this process they can also have children, once the partner receives the K1 visa type the can start applying for work permit in the U.S lawfully.


This type of visa is taken for children who as a Thai and American parent. This process happens when an American applies K1 type visa for their Thai partner. During the process of receiving the K1 visa type, when the couple as a kid together then the kid will receive the K2 visa type immediately when the Thai partner and parent receives the K1 visa. When the children are applied to receive a K2 visa they should not be married in that specific period and the child should be under 21 years.


This visa is called as the spouse visa type. This visa is applied by an American who married a Thai. The K3 visa process takes a long time and it as a lot of process compared to K1 fiancé process. This is a ‘non-immigrant’ visa, which means that the Thai partner who receives K3 visa will not become a permanent resident in the United States of America. The partner who receives the K3 visa are not allowed to go abroad which may also include their children.


K4 visa type is similar to K2 visa type. The K3 partner of an American can apply for a K4 visa type for their children. The child should be under 21 years and should not be married. The child will be allowed to stay in the stated till they receive their certificate. The child is allowed to go on short trips outside of America. They also are not privileged to employ or study there in the US.


The United States of America is a country where lot of people around the world wants to travel. It is very hard for a Thailand person to get a tourist visa to US. Thailand is not a country to easily give visa. The US Embassy can be strict with a visa process to the local Thailand people who want to visit the country. A Thai who wishes to got to the states should first submit the US visa application form to the US Embassy in Bangkok or US Consulate in Chiang Mai. There are 2 types of US tourist visa, they are B-1 and B-2 tourist visa. These 2 types of visa are temporary visit visas. B-1 visa is where a person wants to go for a temporary visa trip in America. The B-2 visa type is where a person gets a tourist visit visa for a period around 6 months, where that person is allowed to stay for 6 months or is allowed to travel bank and forth with the 6 months given in their visa.


The CR-1 visa type is called as Conditional Residence. This type of visa is applied by a US citizen who is married to a Thailand person. After CR-1 is applied they will have a 2-years to live in the US with their spouse. The CR-1 visa will be expired by 2 years so by 90 days within the 2 months the applicant with the spouse should apply the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to remove the 2-year condition of the foreigner. The CR-1 visa process is not a quicker process to apply for the spouse immigration. The CR-1 visa type is quite similar to KR3 which is the spouse visa.


It is a visa which can be applied by a U.S citizen or by a legal permanent residence in America. they can apply an IR1 visa for the closed blood relatives. The members who they can sponsor are their parents, legally wedded partner for more than two years and their unmarried children who is under 21 years.

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The adjustment status for a permanent resident can be done depending on the visa applied. A non-resident cannot make any changes in the visa they have already applied for. And you need to check how to start a business in Thailand. A non-resident can become a personal resident based on their family members, sponsorship and employment but under this status they cannot try for permanent residents.


How many types of visa are there in the Thailand U.S Embassy?

There are total 8 types of visa.

Which visa can be the best option to apply for a Thailand partner to settle with their U.S partner?

K1 visa type is the best option for an American partner to take their spouse along with them.

Under which age can a child be taken with the parents?

A child can be under 21 to go with their parents.

Is taking a U.S visa hard in Thailand?

Yes, it is hard to not only take U.S visa but also any other country visas in Thailand.

How many types of US tourist visa are there?

There are 2-types of US tourist visas they are B-1 which is business trip visa and B-2 which is a tourist visa.


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