Ways to make money during COVID-19 crisis

Ways to make money during COVID-19 crisis

Today the human race is in a big deal of crisis. The crisis didn’t come up from nuclear explosion, neither it was for war or political turmoil. It is due to a virus outbreak, which is known as COVID-19; a pandemic that has engulfed almost the entire world. However, no matter how adverse the situation is, there are always ways to make money during COVID-19 crisis.

During the brim of rapid globalization, and when world is spawning with technological developments and economic boom, this virus outbreak that has started in Wuhan, China jeopardized the whole global scenario. Each day are costing lives of thousands of people all around the world. World Business, commerce and economies are in jeopardy.

Saving life and living healthy is the primary issue since the beginning of 2020 in planet Earth. When nations are struggling to deal with this COVID-19, some businesses are seeing this crisis as their way to earn some extra revenue.

It must be understood that the world economy is a giant codependent ecosystem, where one is dependent on others. So when one business falls apart, others related to it also gets affected for it too. However, during this chain of down economy, few managed to make money.  Here, throughout the article we will analyze the possible ways to make money during COVID-19 crisis.

Start online tutoring

When social isolation and lockdown is on the way tutoring online seems to be the smartest move one can make to earn some quick money. For that however, you need to be skilled in any particular subject or area, so that you can provide your online clients or students with useful resource and business opportunities in Mexico.  Little modification can turn this online tutoring into online consultation as well. Then again you need to have professional skills to provide your clients with useful consolations.

Delivery business

A prospective way to make money during COVID-19 crisis is by starting the delivery business. The social lockdown literally put the residents’ in house jail. The free movements have been consolidated due to the health safety and to prevent further viral outbreak.

When this is the current scenario, delivery business can turn out to be a profitable venture. The current aim in this business is now deliver variety of products from vendor to clients in a hygienic and safest way possible. 

Content creating

This sector targets media contents to website and blog contents.  The aim of this service is to develop, edit or create and proofread various contents for clients. The money is good when the content is effective. Contents can be made for online newsletter, blogs, or website.

If it is a media content, then the target clients are most probably from YouTube bloggers, social media clients, and advertising agencies and objectives and programs of MCCI business school. Whatever the source it is, the great news is that, when you are developing content, you can create it in your house; however media content may vary in this situation. Nevertheless, this content development can give you a good source of income during the pandemic period.

Graphic designing

If you are skilled in adobe Photoshop, illustration and other graphic designing tools and are an efficient graphic designer, Covid-19 cannot stop your earning at this time.

There is a huge demand of graphic designer even the disease outbreak is a huge drawbacks for the rest of other businesses. Such demands seem to have good remunerations in freelancing platforms and various ad agencies even in this sensitive period of time.

Online job consultancy and resume writing service

This is a two part service, which can be done separately or as a single business service. The first part is assisting and consulting individuals for hunting and getting new job, which of course need to be done entirely online.

The second part is important too. Preparing curriculum vitae or resume for clients. Quality resume can bloom businesses. This can give money and has a great prospective during and after pandemic effect in the world.

Home culinary and delivery service

This also involve two part jobs; cooking and delivery service. If you have better grip on culinary art, you can easily earn quite a handsome amount of money right from your home. All you need to do is cook for the target customers. You can easily get customers through social website announcements and advertisements, once the cooking is done, make hygienic parcels and packages of those foods and deliver it to the clients.

The payment for such work is good and often depends on the quality of food, delivery process and essentially test of the food. No matter what the situation is, people love food and craves for good food quality and tests. If you can offer that with proper hygiene, you can easily earn good revenue even during COVID-19 crisis.

Register and open a pharmacy store

No matter rest of the business may shut down due to the impact of Corona virus, one business always remains active even during pandemic, and that is a Pharmacy store. Whether pandemic or not, people requires general medicines more or less every day.

The demand ranges from simple pain killer to disinfectants that can stop severe bacterial or viral outbreak, your local pharmacy got it all. So, if you are looking for a way to make money during COVID-19 crisis, and have sufficient capital to invest on anything, consider registering a pharmacy store.

Medical safety equipment manufacturer

A good way to earn some easy money during COVID-19 outbreak is concentrating product manufacture, especially personal protection equipment or PPE has high demand in this disease infested period. If you can make good use of this situation and can able to manufacture ISO and authority approved quality medical masks, goggles or safety suits, you are on the right path to earn huge money in this time. 

However, such manufacturing plants cannot be erected overnight. If you already have manufacturing premises, sufficient raw materials and man force that are at the moment spending idle times due to pandemic lockdown, you can take permission from the authority, ensure workers health safety strictly, and can go in production.

If you can come up with the production, the revenue is absolutely high and this therefore can turn out to be one of the best ways to make money during COVID-19 crisis.

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