Which Business is Most profitable in Mauritius?

Here is a list and details of the most successful business in Mauritius with little capital investment.

Mauritius is one of the attractive places to start a business among African Countries and one may establish a very successful business in Mauritius. There are many potential business ideas in Mauritius that one may follow and in this article; we are going to discuss the profitable businesses in Mauritius.

Regardless if you are currently employed and looking for an extra, income source from business or unemployed or even if you are currently studying or completed your study then this article is the right place, to begin with.

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There the business of Mauritius can be a breakdown in few categories and these are Accommodation and food services (9%), Construction (10%), Manufacturing (12%), Transportation and Storage (17%), Wholesale and Retail Trade (37%) and other (15%).

Which business is most profitable in Mauritius? In this article, we are going to find out from the categories mentioned above.

Internet Cafe and Internet Service Provider

Nowadays, the internet becomes one of the integral parts of our life and people browse the internet for education, entertainment, and business. Although many people browse the internet from cell phone and laptops, also many people do not have their own their computer and heavily dependent on internet cafe.

Additionally, many people visit internet café for extra services such as to use gaming pc or to play a multiplayer game by using the shared network.

For starting this business, one should invest in buying high-speed broadband lines, computers with good configurations and networking service.

In addition, there is an opportunity to provide internet connection to the people who want to use the internet on their own laptop and mobile phones.

Oil and Lubrication Business

We use oil, oil-based product for transportation, manufacturing, processing, and this is one of the attractive business in Mauritius. Different types of oil including the lubrication oil are being used vehicles and machinery.

These types of oil are subject to periodic change and thus it generates great demand. Therefore, one may take advantage and supply required grade of product to customers.

Additionally, one may also import oil and lubricant products, re-pack them into a smaller container, and sell it to the customer for greater profit.

Food Cart and Restaurant Business

The food cart is one of the trusted and most tried methods for starting a profitable business in Mauritius. Food is one of the basic needs of human and if you provide good quality food with the clean and healthy environment then easily you can make your own brand.

If you are doing well with your food cart then you may proceed to the restaurant business with your food items. The restaurant business is highly profitable and this business proved one of the most recession-proof businesses in Mauritius.

Educational Coaching and Tutoring

Similar to the food item, education is also a basic requirement for human and parents are willing to spend more money on the righteous education for their children.

However, there are not many good schools or good tutors who may provide good service and thus generate a potential field of income for the right personnel.

Tutoring is one of the best small businesses for making money in Mauritius.

The subject you may teach should not bound into academic rather it may expand to many other topics such as drawing, design, computer training, sports coaching, cooking and many more.

Farming Business

Farming is one of the most growing fields in Mauritius and there are lots of different farming opportunity exists in the country. For example, one may start poultry farming and this is very cheap, to begin with.

You may produce the bird that generates meat or the birds that generate eggs. Chickens are easy to work with and they grow in the rapid rate. Modern technology makes farming easier and costs effective.

The market for chicken in Mauritius is growing at the very rapid rate.

Additionally, one may grow bit exceptional item such as snail and earn a lot of money.

Snails are very easy to produce and they do not require lots of space or care. Similar to chicken, snail also reproduces fast and there is also good demand for snails in the Mauritius market.

E-Commerce Business

Majority people in Mauritius got the access to internet and e-commerce is one the profitable business idea in Mauritius. There is a saying that, if you have a business and you do not have an online presence then you are out of business.

Nowadays, technology provides an easy solution to start an e-commerce site and start selling your product.

If you don to have your own product then you may collect product in wholesale price from the appropriate market and sell it to online. You may also collect second-hand product and sell it to online.


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