License Secretary

License Secretary

License Secretary holds position of Company Secretary in some countries. Some places, Company Secretary are the professional qualified member of Chartered Secretary. License Secretary is responsible to register new private limited company, prepare required forms, submit annual return, change directors, increase share, handle compliance and prepare board meeting resolution and some other activities.

License Secretary forward papers to the government office to solve any issue like registration, return, forms and others. The person who are highly qualified or, graduation on law can attend in exam to become of Company Secretary if passed successfully.

License Secretary is tied up with Company Registrar office in most of the time and might have lesser idea than Charted Secretary to apply for Public Listing. Academic knowledge as license secretary on secretary rules, act and responsibility are not same like qualified Chartered Secretary.

License Secretary might have person secretarial office where sits at free time to consult clients who need the services (Company Registration, director change, increase share, annual return and others).


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