Virtual Office Rent

Who is eligible to be authorized person/ company?

The person or company who has physical office or capable to have furnished office in your country at recognized place are requested to contact for FREE franchise/ dealer/ agent.


It’s a great opportunity to earn money from our own station and life time. Your revenue will be increasing day by day. You never know that you may generate revenue additionally using your existing business place.

Virtual Office

Foreign businessmen like to have a local business address, local phone number and meeting place (Capital and business city). They will use your place as their business address, phone number and may have meeting with their clients. No staff of foreign company will be seated but will be used as their business address only.

Physical Office

If you have office at good location in your country (Capital city and/ or business city) may earn additionally renting office space to the foreign companies. You have to have office desk, local phone, reception, meeting room and decorated office. Go there to get idea of normal price quotation for customer


We shall make franchise agreement with profit sharing in detail for 1-5 years, auto renewal, unless any changes are required.

Contact us today: [email protected], Phone: +601136901890 (Whatsapp, Viber, IMO, Skype)

How can you get the customer?

We shall deliver you the foreign customers who need to rent virtual office and/ or physical office in your country.


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