Business Consulting Services in Malaysia

A consultant is an individual with whom you can consult regarding any subject or matter of interest. A person who knows more about certain subject and can give you advises and ideas that can benefit you. Consultant is like a doctor who evaluates and listens to your problem and gives remedy according to that problem.

Business consultant is an expert on certain brunch of business investment law and business success techniques. To start up new business required sufficient money, time, manpower, right system, location and so on. Improper investment is risky and once failed to gain target may cause mental or emotional turmoil.

So, it is advised to start a business that is known, not complex and knowledgeable for you. Pre-advisory is worthy if takes from expert about business plan. Success rate is high when business foundation is strong.

An individual who is doing a same business for a long time successfully can be a consultant on that business sector too and business for sale Malaysia. However, until and unless this consultancy generates revenue, no business person would like to proceed for free advisory services.  

List of Business Consultant Companies in Malaysia those have services in more than 30 countries:

  1. McKinsey & Company: Since 1964, HQ: New York
  2. KPMG: Since 1987, HQ: Netherlands
  3. Deloitte: Since 1845, HQ: London
  4. PWC: Since 1998, HQ: London
  5. Ernst & Young: Since 1989, HQ: London
  6. Accenture: Since 2009, HQ: Dublin, Ireland
  7. BDO: Since 1964, HQ: Belgium
  8. RSM: Since 1964, HQ: London
  9. Bain & Company: Since 1973, HQ: Boston, USA
  10. S & F Consulting Firm: Since 2012, HQ: Malaysia

Those consultant companies mentioned above are specialized in giving professional consultancies in various commercial sectors. Along with those international consultancy firms actively working in this country for many years, there are many local Malaysian agencies too.

These agencies provide business consultancy services. Let’s get some ideas about the advisory fields on which expert consultancies are available in Malaysia:

  1. Business Consultant
  2. Accounting & Auditing
  3. Tax
  4. HR
  5. Engineering
  6. Investment
  7. Sales
  8. IT
  9. Insurance
  10. General management

Services of business consultant companies, brief details below :

1. Business Consultant

The person who is expert on business law, foreign investment law and whole procedure of setting up business in Malaysia is consultant. S & F Consulting Firm is expert on FDI law and guide foreigners to start business in Malaysia.

Business consultant must know the licenses those are needed to start new business. A consultant guides upon the nature of business and investment procedures. To complete of company registration takes 4-7 days now a day being queue.

Only company secretary is authorized person to submit all papers to SSM. Any business can start up and register by Ringgit 1 ringgit. But, as your nature of business investment capital is changed like WRT license RM 1 million is need. Investment capital is RM 1 is enough to start any service business.

2. Accounting & Audit

Like KPMG, S & F assist to prepare balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, full audited accounting service. Annual audit submission is must to keep the company active. Preserve documents like employees list, office expenses, salary, rent and all sales invoices. To prepare audit report bank statement and all expense copies are need. Audited accounting charge start from Ringgit 800 to above as depend on number & volume of transaction.

3. Tax

Income tax return is logical under the government law of Malaysia. Whether focusing on minimizing tax summations or filing regular taxation as an abiding company, having a tax consultant is vital. Deloitte, PWC, BDO provides tax services along with many other local companies in Malaysia.

4. HR

Staff hiring, training, developments and so on are guided by HR consultant. Staffs and workers are the key to success in any business. Motivation and positive energy make fruitful to success in career. HR consultant works to train in own and other companies by outsourcing.

5. Engineering

Software, mobile operators, IT, Hardware, Architecture and many more natures of businesses engineers works as consultant.

6. Investment

It’s risky and profitable! If investment is done in right way and right place is lucky. In case of wrong investment is risky of loosing own hardworking earning. Go to investment consultant for advisory before making your plan of investment.

7. Sales

Worried about sales progress in your company?  Did you consider hiring a sales consultant for dealing with the current scenario? If not, than the time has arrived when a consultant in this sector is a must need for you.

A sales consultant basically analyzes the current sales scenario of your company. Based on that condition he/she places some proposal to upgrade or standardize the sales sector of the business.

Need not to say, the main source of revenue for any business comes from its sales. The sales consultant also equips strategies for your company and train relevant department accordingly to boost overall company sales.

8. IT

The current demand calls for online dependencies of any company. More and more companies are going digital. When the scenario has turned up like this, you might need some vital consultations from an experienced consultant who are experienced in digital and IT sectors at commercial basis.

The hired consultant will act up on the digital marketing department of the company and guide them accordingly for the overall digital sector of the company. The consultant may suggest developing a dedicated company websites; strengthen and securing IT infrastructure of the business and creating strategy to strengthen the digital marketing department when deficiencies identified. This falls under the responsibility of an IT consultant in the company.

9. Insurance

When you have establishes a company, you must have filed various insurances to protect and safeguard that company as well. If not, your company is prone to various risks, to mitigate this risk factor; you could use an insurance consultant.

An insurance consultant can rescue you from uncertain or unfortunate company scenarios that can ruin your entire career and break all your dreams. Such consultant in the contact can save your big money and investment in long run.

He/she can consult you regarding best insurance policies for your commercial assets and potentially secured assets. The consultant can source out various important terms and conditions for you, which you otherwise would have ignored during signing in for any insurance companies or policies.

10. General management

Last but not the list is the general management consultancy. The consultancy in this sector is quite in demand when the company has a widely distributed business. General management often turns out to be an issue for such companies.

Management often faces various jeopardy and turmoil. A consultant here focuses on managerial sectors and finds out the issues and loop holes that are causing general management issues in the already established commercial venture. Also, you may want to know about the wholesale-retail trade WRT license in Malaysia.

The hired business consultant in Malaysia than strategies plans and in need consult workshop or meeting for managers to resolve such issues. He/she is also responsible to raise the issue to the higher authority and suggest solutions accordingly for the long term benefits of the business.


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