How to Check Company Registration Number in Malaysia?

How to Check Company Registration Number in Malaysia?

How to Check Company Registration Number in Malaysia 

Knowing how to check company registration number in Malaysia is a vital task. After you are done with the company registration in Malaysia you can get your company registration number. The process name is called CRN. This company registration number can be used to find any issues with the business. Furthermore, it can also be used as a valid and authentic proof of registration to run a business within a particular nation for the business owners. 

What is a Company Registration Number? 

The company registration number is a combination of 8 numeric characters. It can also be compiled with 2 alphabetical characters followed by 6 individual numeric characters. The main purpose of this registration number in Malaysia is to simply identify any local and foreign business company. Likewise, this also ensures the legal existence as a separate legal business entity. 

Where to get Company Registration Number in Malaysia? 

The Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), also known as The Companies Commission of Malaysia, is the only statutory body in Malaysia that has the authority to issue a Company Registration Number. This number can be obtained after the business company registration process. The CRN is usually labeled on the Certificate of Incorporation and other authentic documents issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 

The SSM is recognized as a corporate figure in Malaysia, especially for business owners and sole investors. It deals with every aspect related to company registration in Malaysia and regulatory business affairs. 

Other Aspects of Company Registration Number 

To clarify, a Certificate of Incorporation is not like the Company Registration Number. As a matter of fact, The Certificate of Incorporation, which is also issued by SSM, is simply a document or an authorized paper certificate that is issued only against a registered company in Malaysia. 

Getting the Certificate of Incorporation 

Business companies who have provided all sort of valid information and details and has followed all steps and guidelines for incorporation set by SSM will get this certificate. This certificate of incorporation simply assures incorporation of the business entity as a separate legal entity with its own identity under the Company Commission Act 2006. 

Online Portal for Company Registration and Company Registration Number in Malaysia 

If you are a business owner or any individual who wants to collect or check the company registration number in Malaysia or check company registration Malaysia of any company established and incorporated under SSM in Malaysia, you can easily get it from the internet. You can use the online portal for SSM. It is available 24/7. You can get all information relating to Company Registration Number in Malaysia and Company Registration in Malaysia. Furthermore, you can get the Company name, registration number, address, infrastructure, business structure, etc. 

The SSM web portal is user-friendly. One can easily create his or her own account on the SSM website sitting back at home from anywhere in the world. After you register your account you can use all the facilities the web portal has to offer. 

Things to Know When Searching Company Registration Number in Malaysia 

To create an official account and to check the company name and company registration number requires no cost. However, collecting valid information from websites may add up to the charges. 

The SSM online portal must be used to open a company online, although the business owners and the sole investors must visit the SSM Office at least one time in person to fulfill all necessary acts to be done to incorporate their business company. 

Important note! CRN is also known as the ‘Companies House Registration Number’ or ‘Company Number’ 

Uses of Company Registration Number, (CRN) 

The company Registration Number does come in handy. They can be used for various purposes. One has to provide the Company Registration Number when: 

  • Contact Companies House 
  • Terms when to submit or update the annual confirmation statement 
  • File annual accounts 
  • Report changes to your company details 
  • Registration of HMRC for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE 
  • Filling of the Company Tax Returns, annual accounts and VAT returns 

Place to see the Company Registration Number, CRN 

In Malaysia business companies like Limited Liability Companies or simply the Private Limited Company are required to show their company registration number on all stationery and outlets related to their business work, which includes: 

  • Letterheads 
  • Faxes 
  • Emails 
  • Compliment slips 
  • Invoices 
  • Receipts 
  • Order forms 
  • Websites 
  • Other online facts 

What can be done if Company Registration Number is Considered to be Lost? 

One can check the company registration number in Malaysia (CRN) through the following ways: 

  • You can find their desired Company Registration Number printed in their Certificate of Incorporation under a heading border such as ‘Company Number’ 
  • You can even find the CRN attached to certain official letters and authorized documents provided from the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 
  • By logging in to the online portal of SSM and providing the correct spelling of the individual company one can easily locate the Company Registration number 
  • Log in to 1st Formations Online Company Manager 

To get more information regarding the relevant subject or company registration process in Malaysia, you are always welcome to contact us! Also, you may want to know about the guidelines for foreign company registration in Malaysia


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