Recruitment Agencies In Malaysia

The Recruitment Agencies and the sort of business such entities run in is highly appreciated in Malaysia. The major sector of costumers for all these Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia is clearly the candidates who are on the lookout for new jobs and the employers who brings in the opportunities for them.

Hence it can be clearly stated that the sole objective or vision of all these recruitment agencies in Malaysia is simply creating a relative bondage between the right candidates to the right employers of various business firms using their skills of “Know-How” and expertise.

Yes, all these recruitment agencies do play a crucial role in the job market of Malaysia. The key of success related to the business all these agencies run in is very simple and straightforward – “Ensuring both the parties, which involves the jobseekers and the employers are fully satisfied with the strategic outcome all these agencies dig in”.

Well anyone, which includes the locals and the foreign investors can start off a recruitment agency business in Malaysia.

I believe the person who desire to start off a Recruitment Agency Business in Malaysia must be concerned about two important facts -- Keeping a basic knowledge about the various business companies currently incorporated in Malaysia – And the sort of candidates all these business companies and employers are looking for.

Usually the candidates or the jobseekers are judged by few facts and foes that relates to their skills, empowerment, educational background, team management, mental ability to handle work load and smartness to encounter new task.

Recruitment Agencies In Malaysia - Details on Malaysian Recruitment Agencies

Yes, it is a simple fact to understand that one cannot just move in to Malaysia and set up his/her Recruitment Agency Business within the country.

One do have to follow certain laws, regulations, amendments and policies set by the Government of Malaysia to play in the certain type of business within the country.

Unlike all other business entities incorporated in Malaysia the Recruitment Agencies are also registered and regulated through the SSM which is also known as the Companies Commission of Malaysia in English.

The first thing to count in for a business owner or any sole investor to start off with their Business in Malaysia is simply to set up your company. Once that is done, the business owners or the sole investors has to acquire an Employment Agency License form the rightful authentic agency.

If your business is just related to payroll processing then you won’t be requiring the Employment Agency License as this is applicable for recruitment agencies that straight deals with staff recruitment for other business companies that is already incorporated in Malaysia.

What actually an Employment Agency License Application requires?

  • Business firms incorporated as a private employment agency in Malaysia does require this license to run their business within the country.
  • Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia provides this Employment Agency License.
  • Before the business is commenced the licenses must be obtained.
  • The Employment Agency License is only applicable for recruitment or executive search firm.
  • The Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia will grant this Licenses to the business owners and sole investors only when the following requirements are met:
  • The business owner or the sole investor who will carry out the Recruitment Agency business has to be a citizen of Malaysia.
  • The business is stipulated as a firm or company within Malaysia and maximum of the company shares are held by the Malaysian Citizens.

If one does not want add in these two words “Agensi Pekerjaan” or “Recruitment Agency” to their desire company name incorporated in Malaysia, he/she (the Business Owners) has to pay a minimum paid-up capital of RM500,000.

To Start Off any business in any nation around the world few documents, permits and other authentic paper-works are always needed or asked to be submitted. Now you need to know about MyCoID.

Similarly, all these Recruitment Agency Business in Malaysia also requires some crucial documents and paper-works.

To kick off with a Requirement Agency Business in Malaysia, one must provide all these following documents:

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Company Name Change certificate
  • Return of Particulars for the company directors, managers and secretaries
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Return of Allotment of the company shares
  • RM50,000 bank statement verification
  • Paper works, permits and proposals needed to establish the employment agency
  • Cash flow for 6 months needed for the business operations in the starting days.

Additional documents which would be required for branch openings Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia (If Planned in Future):

  • Audited financial statements stipulated in recent time.
  • Additional paid-up capital of RM50,000 for each branch.

Documents required from all Company Directors and Shareholders:

  • Personal details
  • Copies of NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate or related IDs.
  • Letter of acknowledgement from IRB or “Borang BE”
  • Testimonials (if required) from professionals and other related individuals.
  • Statement of solvency that can be conducted from the Insolvency Department of Malaysia.

Documents required from the Two (2) Guarantors of the Recruitment Agency incorporated:

  • A certified letter of proof from the 2 Guarantors for the employment agency
  • Copies of NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate or related IDs.
  • Letter of acknowledgment from IRB or “Borang BE”
  • Statement of solvency conducted from the Insolvency Department of Malaysia.

The Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia does need to have their own local office situated in Malaysia for the special department people to conduct site visits, inspection related to the premises.

All the company directors or simply the business owners are always asked to be present in the interview conducted by the department.


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