Register SSM online

In case of company secretary must put information of secretary license, email, address and contact number to fill up profession part. For the individual, users can fill up form through SSM online by putting information of name, phone, email, address, company name and many more. Once SSM online registration is completed can log in to have look the profile. Users and professional MYCOID holders can check status of the company registered SSM online. User can change password, email, contact number, individual to professional account. User is allowed to check company name search in SSM online system. If the name is available or suggested name must pick instruction is given by SSM online. After log in MYCoID, user can submit a proposed name in field, type of business, sub-type of business and select Sdn Bhd or, Unlimited or, limited by guarantee company. Consolidated single letters are recommended to use at the time of online registration. Map synonym is not permissible, if any synonym is matched with any other company name will be rejected. Users must be careful of steam words as like traders, trading as all consider as trade. Symbol is allowed as like full stop, bracket, and hyphen. Offensive words are not allowed as like stupid, Babi and so on.

Register SSM online

Register SSM online

To change name of the existing company, user must log in to register SSM online and place registration number. To pay any fee to SSM online must use information of bank card along with required data. Company name is reserved for thirty days only as SSM system. There are 2 ways a company is registered SSM online 1) Berhad 2) Sdn Bhd and purpose of SSM online registration is incorporation. There is a form must fill up for name reservation and follow instructions.

There are some sections in super form, 1. Particulars of the application 2.  Clarification 3.  Application detail of the directors and shareholders 4. Information to agency 5. Declaration Section as instruction of SSM 5. Lodger information by online.

SSM online registration

SSM online registration

SSM online registration

Company register through SSM online filling up information as instructions. There are some basic information must put in box:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Email and contact number
  3. Detail of directors
  4. Country and postal code
  5. Present and permanent address
  6. Payment detail information
  7. Use existing GST number
  8. Pay RM 1010 through SSM online portal

Applicant will be notified by email if company is incorporated successfully. In case of receiving certificate must purchase from SSM MyData. Let the application in queue will be notified by email from SSM officer. User can amend login to MyCoID2016 and click on Super Form. You must ensure to appoint first company secretary after log in SSM online to MyCoID. Once company secretary appointment is approved will create lodgment of institutional documents and information. ROA, Return of Allotment is lodged through SSM online submission putting information of constitution as guideline of register SSM online. There are many other activities completed through SSM online:

  1. Share of the company allotment
  2. Register of members
  3. Update extension of time (EOT)
  4. Update analysis of shareholding
  5. Payment information
  6. E-Charge for lodgment
  7. Certificate of registration charges
  8. Charges of changes of address
  9. Reassign of COSEC charges
  10. Charges of changing of directors

What are the services provided by SSM online?

Registration of business through SSM online

  1. E-Business online
  2. E-Search
  3. E-Compound
  4. Forms
  5. Table of fees
  6. Client charter

Registration of company (ROC) through SSM online services

  1. MyCoID
  2. E-Search
  3. E-Compound
  4. E-Query
  5. Table of fees
  6. Clients charter

LLP services through SSM online is my LLP. And other services are complaint, investigation and some more.

There are many works done through as like register SSM online for users. Each corporate must have MyCoID2016 and users log in detail to check online registration and other status time to time. Besides, notification is sent to registered email from SSM officer if any necessary. So, registration SSM online carry out many essential tasks for corporates, users and professional personnel. If you like to register a Sdn Bhd company is requested to contact us: +601136901890


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