What are the best businesses to start in Dubai (UAE)?

What are the best businesses to start in Dubai (UAE)?
  • best business to start in dubai

Increasing in technology and opportunities has led people to venture out and find the best business to start in Dubai (UAE) and extend (or start) Business Internationally. Whether you want to start a business or extend into a new market. The United Arab Emirates holds one of the best options when it comes to Business. Here we will be going through some of the best businesses to start in the UAE. A lot of people has this question on the best business to start in Dubai (UAE). In this article we have covered all the best businesses in Dubai and reading this article will make you confident on which business you want to select.

 About UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located in Western Asia. This country is an elective monarch. Here the office is passed down as a family inheritance. This country is home to around 9.89 million people as of 2020. The Prime religion of the UAE is Islam. The language is Arabic. This country has become less reliant on oil and is now focusing on tourism and businesses.

Why choose Dubai for starting best business?

The United Arab Emirates does not have any income tax. This country only has a 5% VAT in place which was established in 2018. The country is considered as one of the best HUBs for doing business. UAE most regularly ranks within the top 10 for doing business. This country, in recent years, has become one of the Middle East’s most dynamic countries. The countries big economy and the natural resources like oil and a well-planned business initiative have made this country a well-established place. This country is home to many British Curriculum Schools and many Universities. The most noticeable aspect of UAE which are seen is the fact that the Country is crime-free and is among the lowest crime rates in the World. Dubai allows the registration of companies in their country easily.

Top 10 Best Business to start in United Arab Emirates Dubai (UAE)

10 Best Business to start in dubai United Arab Emirates

  • Restaurant/Foodcourt
  • Home cooked food delivery service
  • Event Management Company
  • Travel agency business
  • Day-care business
  • Real Estate business
  • Cleaning service
  • Healthcare and wellbeing
  • Transportation Service
  • Property Management Business

1. Restaurant/food court Business in Dubai

Restaurant/food curt business to start in dubai

The vast population of Dubai (UAE) has a huge appetite for eating outside. There might be a lot of already established restaurants in the country but the demand is high. This business has one of the lowest investment. It can flourish in a short time.

You can open a small restaurant by hiring a place. Opening a food stall or a market food court with limited investment and almost a guaranteed successful outcome.

2. Home cooked food delivery Business in Dubai

Home cooked food delivery business to start in dubai

A large percentage of people in Dubai (UAE) work regular office hours. Most of them are not able to prepare home food and bring them to lunch. Fast foods are also a bad option for eating on a regular basis. These people usually search for home-cooked foods which will be delivered to them. Choosing a business area with a lot of business concentrated areas will be the best option.

3. Event Management Business in Dubai

  • Event Management business to start in dubai

UAE is a global hub for events. The event industry in Dubai (UAE) is estimated to be more than 45 million USD. These numbers will increase in the coming years as new events are taking place in Dubai.

The event management business scopes are huge considering the large corporate exhibitions and trade shows and also the private events like weddings and parties.

4. Travel Agency Business in Dubai

Travel Agency business to start in dubai

Dubai is considered the World’s biggest tourism location. There are already well-established travel agencies in the country but the market has a big opportunity if your business plan has some new and exciting ideas and exotic packages.

People of Dubai are used to living in luxury. If you can target the exotic and luxury packages, then there are big chances of a sustainable business in this sector

5. Day-care Business in Dubai

  • Day-care Business to start in dubai

A big percentage of the people are working couples. Both parents go to work and they search for day care facilities for their children. The business scope for this sector is big as there is a big necessity for the working class in the country. The investment can be less but the service should be the top class as most of the population of the country is used to living in luxury.

6. Real Estate Business in Dubai

Real Estate Business to start in dubai

The Real Estate Business in Dubai has a reputation for an impressive returns. According to a research Dubai has a returning yield which has more than 6 percent. This yield is higher than a lot of major cities including London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

7. Cleaning and Maid Service In Dubai

Cleaning and Maid Service business to start in dubai

There is a big working population in Dubai (UAE), the people of UAE find it hard to get time to do the household tasks required. Housemaids are an affordable and easy luxury. People of the UAE hire maids from professional businesses or services. Establishing a business, keeping this in mind, will provide success in a very short time.

8. Start a Healthcare and Wellbeing Business in Dubai

  • Healthcare and Wellbeing business to start in dubai

People of Dubai are serious about health. Their consciousness is so big that the Emirates contribute a large amount of investment to a UAE health and wellness market. This investment is worth almost 3 billion USD. This is considered as the largest in the Middle East.

The opportunities for healthcare professionals in Dubai (UAE) are big. The market has a lot of opportunities and many subsectors. You can engage in setting up a personal trainer institute or a massage therapy institute. The opportunities are great in this sector as there are a lot of subsectors.

9. Start a Transportation Business in dubai

  • Start a Transportation business to start in dubai

Dubai is a thriving city. The people living there has a need to go from one place to another in style. You can set up a taxi service business or even a limousine hire and chauffeur service. The need for this luxury is what makes this business sector stand out as one of the best businesses to start in Dubai (UAE).

10. Property Management

Property Management business to start in dubai

The people living in Dubai are rich. They have a high standard of living. People with this money usually buy a large number of properties in the Country. That is when this business sector comes to play.

They buy so many properties that they are sometimes unable to manage them. They need professionals. This business sector is effective as the number of customers is big.


There are a lot of ways. If you wish to make money in one of the richest countries in the world. Dubai (UAE) is one of the best options for you. Scopes are high. The living standard is high. The best business to start in Dubai depends on your preference.

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