Company Formation in Qatar

Company Formation in Qatar

The government strategy behind the economic development of Qatar has proven to be successful in recent times. Qatar is now the wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP and per capita income. Qatar has an excellent environment for business, thanks to its investment incentives, stable political condition, banking service, social stability, and developed infrastructure. In Qatar, English is said to be business languages. Therefore, doing business and the cost of company registration in Qatar become easier for foreigners.

Economy of Qatar

Qatar is one of the investment-friendly countries in the world with the world highest GDP. Qatar has a rich source of petroleum and natural gas. The primary revenue of the country comes from exporting its natural resources. It is estimated that 70% of the nations economic comes from its exporting business that is exporting petroleum & natural gas. The rest 30 % of the economy comes from foreigner direct invest and various business sector. Because of Qatar economic condition, more people are attracted to invest in Qatar business.

Types of Company in Qatar

  • Limited Partnership Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership Company
  • Shareholding Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Particular Partnership Company
  • Single Person Company
  • Holding Company

General Steps to Register A Company in Qatar

General Steps to Register A Company in Qatar

All the steps to register a company in Qatar are listed below accordingly–

  1. Name Search
  2. Name reservation
  3. Open a Bank Account
  4. Prepare and submit Articles of Association
  5. Deposit Capital in the bank account.
  6. Provision for Further Documents
  7. Approval for Incorporation documents
  8. Articles of Association — authentication.
  9. Commercial Registration (CR)
  10. Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  11. Make official Company Seal
  12. Register for Trade License
  13. Register for Signage License

The Qatar government are working continuously to attract more foreign direct investment. The most incorporated company in Qatar, where foreigner wants to invest is a - With Limited Liability Company. According to the law, the foreigner needs a Qatari partner to register a company in Qatar. Remember majority of the company share must hold by Qatari partner i.e., minimum 51 % share.

Advantage of Company Formation in Qatar

  • Qatar has the world lowest corporate tax rates that is 10% only.
  • The well-connected transport system of Qatar helps to more business faster.
  • Qatar has the world highest economic therefore business in Qatar is profitable.
  • Company registration in Qatar is simple and straight forward.
  • Highly developed business infrastructure facilities.
  • Relaxed investment policies for foreign investors.
  • Availability of both official and residential accommodations.
  • No income tax charged on personal income.

About Business license in Qatar

Obtaining licenses and permits are one of the most important steps for Company formation in Qatar. In Qatar, generally, all most all permits and licenses that are required for business operation are issued by The Ministry of Business and Trade. However, licenses for some business categories in terms of their nature of business does require special approval from certain ministries and authorized bodies—

  • Industrial Business Companies in Qatar requires approval from the Ministry of Energy and Industry.
  • Law Offices Companies in Qatar requires permission from the Ministry of Justice.
  • Education Business Institutions in Qatar requires approval from the Ministry of Education.
  • Healthcare Business Entities in Qatar requires approval from the Ministry of Health.
  • Tourism Companies in Qatar certainly require approval from the Qatar Tourism Authority.
  • Business Consultancy Firms requires approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can I open a corporate bank account in Qatar?

You are eligible to open a corporate bank account if your hold a resident permit. The required document for opening a bank account includes- a copy of passport or national id card, photographs of the company shareholders, copy of resident visa, registered company documents, etc.

How long it takes to incorporate a company in Qatar?

Id all the incorporation document is prepared and submitted properly, it will take no less than 3 to 4 weeks.

How much it cost to register a company in Qatar?

The cost for registering a company depends on the type of company you want to set up. Contact us to know costing details.


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