Small business ideas in Qatar

Small business ideas in Qatar

Read this article to get some small business ideas in Qatar: Qatar is a small country, and its geographical location is near Saudi Arabia. However, Qatar is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has a rich source of petroleum and natural gas, exporting those the government of Qatar earns a massive source of revenue. The exporting business is one of the reasons behind Qatar economic development. 

However, Qatar openness to global commerce makes them one of the leading financial business hubs. There are three main reasons why investors around the world want to start a business in Qatar–

  1. Low corporate tax rates.
  2. Highly developed economy.
  3. Highly developed infrastructure.

Some profitable business ideas in Qatar

The are many entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Qatar but does not know what type of business they should start. Therefore, to help you out this article is going to explain –some of the profitable business ideas in Qatar that you can begin with.

Interior Designing

There is a huge demand for interior designing business in Qatar. As the people of Qatar enjoy the high standard of living and lead luxury life, therefore they always want to design their home or office in a unique way. This is one of the perfect career opportunities for people who are passionate about home decoration, design, and arts. Everyone at any age can start this business from home.

Building Materials

Since Qatar is a rapid developing nation, numerous new structures and framework are raised every day. In this way, there is an enormous market in Qatar for materials utilized for building and development purposes. Also, since a large portion of these materials are transported in, brilliant financial specialists can begin organizations that offer or produce building materials locally in Qatar.

Mobile Car Wash

Though Qatar is a small country, there are many cars compared to other countries. Besides, the number of vehicles is growing very fast. Almost every family has more than one car. Therefore, launching a mobile car wash business is very profitable in Qatar. Running a business with a mobile carwash is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking a big risk of capital investment.

Restaurant Business

Many foreigners stay and come and stay in Qatar for work/business purpose. Most foreigners don’t have enough time to cook their meal. Therefore, most of them prefer eating in a restaurant. So, targeting those foreign customers starting a restaurant business can be a profitable business. Not only foreigners there are many locals who also loves to eat in restaurants mostly at weekends.

Small Business Ideas in Qatar Infographic

Resume/CV Writing

Writing a CV/resume is one of the most profitable business ideas in Qatar.  This business is for an individual who loves writing and have knowledge of CV designing.  You can start this business from your home or can start this business as a part-time basis. You need to know how to obtain a residence card in Qatar. This business does not need any investment if you have a computer and internet connection you are good to go. You can also offer similar services such as writing a cover letter, guide to career counseling and interviewing. This is a business that helps you find yourself and makes your life better.

Photography Business

The tourist and hospitality industry in Qatar builds momentum as it enters the second half of the decade. Therefore, starting a photography business is one of the best business opportunities for professional photographers. A photographer is a professional who focuses on the art of camera photography. The photographer usually works freelancers and is hired for specific jobs by different clients.

Translation service

If you can read & write English and Arabic or other languages, you can be benefited from this skill and make money by offering people to translate the written text into their required language.   You can be an independent translator and provide your services on freelance websites. There is great demand for this service in Qatar. Most of the foreigner does not understand Qatar local language and search for people who can help them with translation.

Open a Book Shop

You can open a bookstore where you can sell various types of the book including religious books.  In Qatar, there is a great demand for religious books. Therefore, starting this bookselling business could be a profitable business to start. Not only religious book, but you can also sell other various types of books according to the customer demand.

It does not matter what types of business you start in Qatar; you must register your business to operate it legally. If you face any problems regarding company registration or business issue, don’t forget to contact us.


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