Online Business in Qatar

Online Business in Qatar

To Register Online Business in Qatar, one is always advised to get in touch with the official website portal The Qatar Financial Centre. This is stated to be the sole web portal responsible for Online Business Registration in Qatar or Online Company Formation in Qatar. Business owners and foreign investors from any part of the world would just need a computer with a good internet connectivity to get in touch will all sort of benefits, facilities and crucial information provided about online business registration in Qatar, company formation in Qatar, online business in Qatar, Licensing in Qatar etc. in this one single website.

The Qatar Financial Centre official website is considered to be very much user friendly and provides step by step guidelines that need to be followed to register online business in Qatar. Yes, this sort of official web portal does come in handy for business owners and investors from different nations by providing them valid information about business registration in Qatar and eventually saves up a lot of energy, time and costing.

Guide to Start Online Business

Let us now guide you with the steps that are required for setting up online business in Qatar through the online web portal of Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). Well setting up or registering a business in Qatar through the Qatar Financial Centre is a very simple, clear and straightforward process. It involves four essential steps that need to be followed for getting the job well done.

Guide to Start Online Business in Qatar

The biggest advantage that one can get from this web portal is that once the user submits his or her application, a dedicated relationship manager or representative from the Qatar Financial Center gets in connection with you to guide you through the process of company registration, licensing issue and beginning business operations. The following steps are —

  • Submit Online Form
  • Submit Business Case
  • Submit License Application
  • Receive License

Well to get access to any of this facility mentioned above one has to get connected with the web medium and book an online meeting or schedule an online call with one of the representatives of the QFC who will be assisting or guiding you with from the steps required for Business Registration, License Obtaining Business Operations and related activities.

In this article I am going to derive the ways and information that you need to provide to get yourself connected to the respective representative:

  • First log in to the official web portal of The Qatar Financial Centre then simply click the “Set Up” option provided on the toolbar above of the web page.
  • Once you get in to the Set Up you will find the four individual boxes mentioning the four essential step you would need to perform to register your online business in Qatar.
  • Clicking the first box which is the “Submit Online Form” box eventually links you directly to the business development team working at the backend office at Qatar.   
  • Once the user clicks the Submit Online Form option, he or she will get to see a new page appearing in your monitor asking to perform four more steps to get connected to your desired relationship manager or representative for further steps to be performed.

One should be very careful about providing the correct or valid information asked to be provided in those four steps to get in touch with the desired representative:

Step 1: Contact Details,here you would find six individual boxes asking for First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email Address, Telephone Number and Country of Origin

Step 2: Company Details, here one would be asked or providing information about the type of business entity along with nature of business he or she is planning to incorporate in Qatar

  • Here one is asked to provide valid information about the type of business category that you are interested in? An Existing Business or A New Start Up.
  •  Information about your company detail that you are asked for is which type of company would you like to register at QFCA?

Well you have to choose any one from the three options provided (It is always highly advised to the business owners and sole investors to choose the correct format of business entity that will be most suitable kind of business that He or she plans to run in within the State of Qatar.

  • Branch / Subsidiary
  • LLC / LLP
  • LLC(G)s

Step 3: Is simply about providing information about the “Source” from where the operator has got to know or hear about The Qatar Financial Centre.

Step 4: Is said to be the most essential step as it is directly related to booking a meeting or schedule an online call with one of the representatives who will be leading you to the rest of the steps you need to perform to register your business online in Qatar. The representatives are very skilled and are always ready to help the clients with all sort of information, paper works and ID cards they need to get in for completion of the registration process.

This was all about the facts and foes that needed to done if one desires to setup or register online business in Qatar. Yes, one would be needing to visit the Qatar in person for additional mandatory steps that needs to be done for company formation and permit for business operation activities within Qatar. Are you seeking for Pan card then check how to apply for PAN card in Qatar.

Frequently Asked Question

How to register a brand name in Qatar?

Qatar trademark registration can be done simply by submitting the application Intellectual Property Department. The application must contain valid name that does not violates any public ethics.

What is the best online business in Qatar?

Currently e-commerce business is considered as one of the best online business, though other online business is profitable as well.

What is WLL in Qatar?

WLL means "with limited liability" it can be an entity of sole proprietorship, partnership or a company.


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